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John Blackburn Appraisals provides reliable and accurate appraisals on single, multi-family, waterfront, historical and high-dollar properties in San Antonio and surrounding counties in Texas.

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Experienced appraisers at your service. We’re here for you.

I am a General Certifed Real Estate Appraiser (License #1329506 FHA-approved) with twenty-eight years in the appraisal industry. I have the experience and knowledge necessary to provide accurate property evaluations requested by banks, major lending institutions, divorce and bankruptcy attorneys, estate settlements, liquidations and bail bonds.

Residential appraisal assignments including single and multi-family properties for the purposes of home refinancing or purchases, home equity loans, PMI removal, As Repaired Value "ARV", New construction and/or bankruptcy or foreclosures or estate settlement purposes including:

We offer:

  • Removing PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance)
  • Tax Assessments (reducing your property taxes)
  • Setting a home’s sales price (FSBO)
  • Legal matters such as divorce settlements
  • Estate planning
  • Employee relocations
  • Home equity
  • Bankruptcy
  • Piece of mind

Our Services

Accurate Appraisals & Consulting

No appraisal is too big or too small - John Blackburn Appraisals is ready to take on your job with our signature professionalism and knowledge. Learn more about our services below.

From mortgage financing to determining the true market value for a sale, there are many reasons why you might want an appraisal in San Antonio. No matter the reason, John Blackburn Appraisals has the residential appraisal service you need, including single family homes, townhouses, condos, apartments, and other residential buildings.

Being a residential appraiser for many years in the San Antonio area has given us extensive experience in understanding not only the local market, but also how to valuate the many different types of properties. During an appraisal, John Blackburn Appraisals will take into account the age of the home, current condition, building materials, market trends, and many other factors.

In addition to standard buying and selling appraisals, John Blackburn Appraisals is also available to perform valuations for estate settlements, insurance reasons, matrimonial separations, lease arbitration, and countless other situations. Our accurate and precise appraisals will help you determine the true worth of a property in San Antonio for your exact needs.

To discuss your San Antonio residential appraisal needs and specific services, reach out to John Blackburn Appraisals at 210-303-8256 for more information.

It pays to have experience and knowledge on your side, especially when it comes to appraisals and property valuation in San Antonio. With years in the business and a talented team of real estate professionals, John Blackburn Appraisals consulting services are the right answer when you need the expertise of an experienced, objective third party.

Available for a wide range of situations, our San Antonio consulting can take the form of everything from appraisal reviews to feasibility studies to expert witness testimony in legal cases. Whatever your particular needs, our consulting services will display the same commitment to quality, attention to detail, and reliable professionalism that’s come to be synonymous with the John Blackburn Appraisals name.

For many of our San Antonio clients, John Blackburn Appraisals has become a trusted partner for regular consultation services. In growing together, we’re able to understand better what our clients need and become more efficient with each consulting job completed. Ask around and you’ll quickly find that our reputation is second to none in the local area.

Feel free to contact John Blackburn Appraisals in San Antonio for previous and current consulting references. Our number is 210-303-8256 - call us today!

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John Blackburn Appraisals provides top quality appraisal services for residential clients.

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